Maintenance Free Paradise

This railing system is a side mounted structural aluminum base shoe (so it doesn’t rust), cladded with stainless steel, and 12mm tempered clear glass.

Being creative is an absolute joy for us. When we can be creative and solve element and structural problems that brings us even more satisfaction. This fence complements all the beautiful elements of the deck while keeping the maintenance free aspects of a galvanized steel fence. This fence sits on 8’ steel ground screws, 5’ below grade, 6×6 pressure treated posts wrapped in blue skin, cladded with stainless steel. The perfect recipe for a maintenance free fence to last a life time in these very unstable Manitoba grounds. What frost?

Railing System: S.T.A.R Aluminum Railing Base Shoe Topless System
Decking: Wolf PVC Decking, Walnut

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