Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

Leaking water:

Duradek membrane acts as a totally waterproof shield to prevent moisture from entering the space beneath the deck surface.

Rot & deteriorating lumber:

By preventing both the sun and the moisture from getting to the lumber, it will last indefinitely. Costly structural repairs will be eliminated.

Painting & staining:

Time & material savings will result from the application of the Duradek system.


The textured surfaces will increase the slip resistance as well as prevent injuries due to slivers or raised nail heads.

Cleanliness/bacteria resistance:

The surface can be quickly & easily cleaned and will discourage algae or other bacteria growth.

Chemical resistance:

Snow removal chemicals, swimming pool chemicals and acid rain, have little effect on the surfaces as long as they are regularly cleaned with Duradek approved solutions.

Expansion / contraction of sub-surface:

The vinyl membrane bridges all cracks and moves continuously with the sub-surface. The single ply system has been proven in the roofing and waterproofing industry to be a superior method of protecting surfaces subject to a lot of movement.

Spalling concrete, rusted re-bar:

By protecting concrete surfaces with a vinyl membrane, you can prevent the surface damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle. Expensive structural repairs to rusted reinforcing metals inside cracked concrete can be prevented.

Expansion/contraction of metal flashings:

Many good liquid coatings fail where the metal flashings join the sub-structure or overlap each other due to the continual movement. They rely on adhesion to the metals. The sheet system completely covers the metal flashings which will eliminate potential leaks at the junctions.

Peeling, blistering surfaces:

Moisture in the sub-surface can cause blisters in the coating system unless it can escape. The sheet vinyl system breathes, thus eliminating any pressure build-up due to moisture (vapor) under the membrane.

Completion time/repeat job site:

Unlike the liquid systems which often need 2-3 days to complete and tie up a job site, Duradek sheet vinyl system can be completed in one step (one day) and used immediately.

Climate conditions for optimum installations:

Sheet vinyl systems can be installed under a wide variety of weather conditions from below freezing to the very hot direct sun.

Covering existing coatings:

Sheet vinyl systems can cover almost any existing coating in addition to bare plywood or concrete, new or old.

Weight / maintenance of mechanical protection:

This membrane is designed for pedestrian traffic and does not need to be protected by cedar boards or concrete pavers.


Traditional waterproofing membranes lack the clean, bright, luxurious appearance which sheet vinyl or carpet surfaces offer. Ensurco offers a wide choice of different finishes to enhance the overall decor of the building.

Life cycle costs:

Using Ensurco’s single-ply systems will reduce life cycle cost for two reasons – less maintenance required and longer life expectancy.

Workmanship / Warranty:

Ensurco sells its products through a network of trained applicators and offers a written warranty on materials.