Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

Yes, Duradek Vinyl IS Green!

Aside from having No Deck or Roof (which uses NO products, consumes NO energy, and creates NO landfill waste or need to recycle), Duradek is your GREEN choice for Outdoor Waterproof Decking and Roofing.

Compare PVC to the Alternatives

When compared to products that perform the SAME function, consider the following:

PVC’s one-step application and longevity compare favorably to the multiple application and reapplication requirements of liquid-applied systems, saving many trips to the job, which in turn consumes less energy. There is a huge weight savings benefiting the structural requirements and the energy consumption to transport as compared to an EPDM membrane with concrete pavers. When compared to pressure treated wood, there are no chemicals leaching into the environment and likely double the life expectancy.

As a waterproof roof or deck, compared to alternatives, DURADEK IS THE GREENER CHOICE!

Duradek Products Qualify for LEED points

YES, Duradek products can be considered for LEED points:

  • Can Duradek be considered for LEED points? YES – Techtalk 146a
  • Duradek LEED information – Heat Island, Regional Materials and Low Emitting
  • Adhesives – Techtalk 146b
  • Duradek LEED information – Building Reuse – Techtalk 146c

Duradek’s ‘Cradle to Grave’ Story

Years ago, being ‘Green’ meant a product was made of recycled materials or could be recycled. Now we understand that the entire ‘Cradle to Grave’ needs to be evaluated. Click here for Duradek’s ‘Cradle to Grave’ story.

Duradek Products are True Green Alternatives

The Benefits of Vinyl

Think Green – Think Sustainable – Think Ahead… Think Removable Trim Boards!

One of the main considerations for the sustainability of a walk-able roof deck membrane system is how easy it will be replaced in the future. Ease of replacement means there is less materials waste and energy consumed when it comes time to repair or replace a decking system. By Installing a removable trim board at the initial installation you do not have to disturb existing wall finishes.