Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

in-lite’s product line of outdoor lighting is divided into seven distinct product categories. Each of their products is easy and safe to install for the average do-it-yourself type. If you need assistance with creating an outdoor lighting plan or want to consult an expert team for advice – contact Windeck, Winnipeg’s premium dealer of in-lite outdoor lighting products!

Ground lights

Ground Lights

Ground lights are installed, for example, in paving, wood or gravel. During the day they completely blend into their surroundings, but in the evening, they will surprise you with the special effect they create. Install LED ground lights with a soft diffused light in your deck or use fixtures with an (adjustable) accent lighting to highlight an adjacent bush. Create a playful path of stars using mini ground lights or illuminate a large tree with a sturdy fixture. And did you know we have even fixtured you can drive over for in your driveway? The possibilities are endless!

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LED bollards are not only beautiful to look at, they play a prominent role in the lighting plan during the evening. Borders, for example, can be beautifully illuminated using fixtures that provide a pleasant diffused ambient light. Want to illuminate a path or driveway? Then choose fixtures that provide direct light. These create clear lines and shadows on the surface. This not only produces an attractive effect but is also functional since they illuminate your path or driveway. Some of our bollards even have an adjustable light source so you can use these fixtures in many ways.

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Wall lights

Wall Lights

Wall lights can be used in various ways, for instance, next to French doors or mounted on a wall. For example, a beautiful effect is created when several wall lights are installed at eye level along a fence. The repeated placement also accentuates the depth of the yard in the evening. Do you want to precisely illuminate a pathway or driveway? The install the fixtures lower on the wall so that the light reaches the ground. Pergolas and overhangs can also be nicely illuminated with wall lights. For example, create a soft light on a pole or wall or use small spotlights to highlight your lounge area. Finally, you can also install a wall light “just next to the door”. Some wall lights in our range can be connected directly to the main power supply.

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Outdoor spotlights

Outdoor Spotlights

To illuminate architectural features in the yard such as statues, trees and shrubs, use our energy-efficient LED outdoor spotlights. The difference between the spotlights lies in the angle and the light distribution of the beam. Depending on the feature you want to highlight, choose an outdoor spotlight with a narrow or wide beam and a short or even long light distribution. All our spotlights are easy to adjust and to install in the ground using the included ground stake. Several accessories are also available to allow our LED spotlights to be used in many ways. Finally, you can also highlight your pond, fountain or water feature with our special underwater spotlight.

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Surface lights

Surface Lights

The surface lights in the in-lite product range offer a wide range of possibilities to create both direct and indirect lighting effects. The products in this category can be mounted on a horizontal surface such as a ceiling, beam, step or pond edge. The EVO HYDE 180 DARK and EVO HYDE 550 DARK are perfect for creating indirect lighting displays in your yard. These LED strips are 18 cm and 55 cm long and can be installed on virtually any type of surface. From pond edges to steps and cover plates, these LED strips pave the way for new lighting effects with in-lite lighting.

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System products

System Products

in-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts). Their lighting is therefore safe and easy to install yourself. You only need a transformer and a 12-volt cable. The transformer controls the lighting and provides power to the system. The fixtures use the light sensor to turn on automatically when it gets dark and you can set the number of operating hours with the timer. The low voltage cable carries the current and provides power to the fixtures. Always make sure that your transformer has enough power (watts) for the fixtures in your lighting plan. When choosing the 12-volt cable, also keep in mind the maximum distance it can be laid.

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Various accessories are available for your outdoor lighting. Accessories allow you to customize your outdoor lighting for specific applications and (lighting) preferences. in-lite’s accessories include caps used to direct light, protect from glare, poles and ground spikes used for installation, lens diffusers, splitters for power, shutters, cover plates and box containers for ground lights, and transformers.

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For additional information about in-lite’s outdoor lighting products – visit their website, which has a wealth of product information, installation tips, maintenance tips, and manuals. If you need any further assistance, contact Windeck – we’re Winnipeg’s premium dealer and highly recommend in-lite products for any outdoor living space project!