Colonial Concepts

Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

Meet our customer John Smith, who purchased a beautiful property in Winnipeg’s River Heights neighbourhood. This area is among the most sought-after residential areas in Winnipeg, well-known for its timeless and rustic appeal. John Smith like many others, started with a “small renovation” that ended with a complete overhaul of his property. When we first met with John he was quite disappointed with maintenance free product offerings of “vintage” style railings.

John’s desire was to combine a modern interior with a rustic-looking exterior that would not be a maintenance nightmare. Many newer developments have guidelines for home exteriors to suit the architecture of the area. This older neighbourhood has consistent vintage exteriors, with all the maintenance issues that implies, like painting and staining railings every year or two. John wanted the vintage look, without the hassles of scraping, painting and staining.

Our solution—keep the wood dimensions and colonial look, but build everything out of powder-coated aluminum, -ecured with stainless steel fasteners. Aluminum does not rust, rot, or deteriorate, ensuring that John Smith will not have to update the front of his home for years to come.

Once everything was completed, neighbors up and down the street were contacting Windeck to create their own colonial, maintenance-free railing style. Some clients asked plainly: can you make my front entrance look like [John’s address]. The great part of this system is the ability to adjust all design aspects to accommodate individual needs. When everything was said and done, the homeowner had a space they were proud of, that was completely maintence free, that accomplished everything they were looking for.