Continuous Cable

How we accommodated the customers design build railings? Firstly by adding double the thickness to the “standard posts”. The reasoning behind this is, the stainless steel aircraft cable gets tensioned and will bow and dimple standard aluminum posts, ruining the look and integrity of the system. We use 316 stainless steel aircraft cable tensioned with the highest quality stainless steel grommets and fittings made in Germany. Each cable is 1/8” diameter and spaced every 3 ¾” apart to meet opening requirements. To keep the system set apart from the rest we use 3/8”x5”x5” baseplates with a continuous fillet weld to connect the post to substructure. We fastened each baseplate down with 4-4”x3/8” stainless steel lag bolts with exposed heads and washers to keep the industrial look the client was after.

The railing system successfully accomplished, with everything the client was looking for. For a clean view to their amazing backyard space, a safe environment for wildlife, almost nothing to clean, all without sacrificing the “industrial” look they so desired. This system can be altered to suite your individual design needs. We can change post style, cable thickness and even make it all stainless steel. In this case the client wanted black posts to accent trims of their home. But as we all know in today’s changing building products, one size doesn’t fit all. When you’re on the hunt for something unique, please make sure to check with a qualified railing manufacture for your custom railing needs.

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