Deck lighting that glows all night long

  • Category & Services: Deck Design & Consultation, Deck Building, Picket Aluminum Railing Installation, Custom-built Privacy Walls, Outdoor LED Lighting, PVC Deck Materials for Maintenance Free Deck
  • Construction Date: September 2018
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB

Part of our deck building mandate is to create spaces that can be used throughout the night. As Winnipegger’s born and raised, we know just how precious the fleeting summer months can be. For one client – having their deck well-lit was near the top of the priority list. For this project, we turned to our favourite outdoor LED lighting supplier – In-Lite! Using their vast product line throughout the project, we created many solutions to have lighting available everywhere. This deck is a bright spot and it’s ready to glow all night long – how ‘bout you?

Deck building challenges – old deck wreaks havoc

With our client having a previous deck in place, it proved to create some challenges. The old deck housed every HVAC, plumbing, and venting system. Our new design had to do the same. While running all the piping to hidden areas, we had to upgrade the insulation. As well, we wanted to innovate the backyard space while ensuring we kept the deck build practical. On top of all that, we needed to ensure we stayed code compliant. This included adding borders and inlays at the right places, so deck boards have no butt joints.

New deck pile mathematics

Remember sitting in grade eleven math class with the teacher rambling on about algebra wondering why you needed to learn this? Well, neither do we (lol)! But, all kidding aside we put those algebra equations to work calculating the deck pile layout. Also, stay in school kids!

Added ingenuity with inlay LED lighting

As eluded to earlier, innovating with outdoor LED lighting was one of the cornerstones to making this a project a success. Not only will a properly lit deck give you more usage, but it’s also safer. We ran low voltage wire into the custom-built privacy panel wood framing posts we fabricated. This allowed us to install In-Lites’ LED lighting around the perimeter of the deck.

Outdoor living features included in this deck build

  • 70 In-Lite outdoor LED lights installed which are low voltage
  • Built-in half-sunken hot tub for easy access
  • Custom privacy panels, with PVC decking and aluminum railing extrusions for a warm accent
  • LED lighting in the beams of the privacy panel, to shine down on the stunning colours, day or night
  • Custom bar top created with PVC decking material
  • Piled hot tub foundation for defined hot tub area of the deck

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