Open Home Concepts

Building a new home has many challenges and choices to make along the way; color selection, material, budget, the list goes on. One choice affects the other and so worth. Important decisions can be forgotten about, or continually be pushed back until…it’s too late.

This stair case has minimal clearance. Bulky wood railings, do not only take up more space, they also require planning in the early stages of the home build, attaching posts to structure, stain paint, etc. Not to mention the fact a wood spindle railing will do little to no justice for opening up the space in the home, when the theme is “open concepts”

To solve the issue of space we used the existing stub wall divider in between the set of stairs as the mount for an aluminum base shoe. The base shoe is mounted directly on top of the finished structure with lag bolts that are hidden. Note this huge benefit for allowing any staining and painting work to be done previous to railing installation. Now the stair case was able to be separated by one half inch piece of tempered clear glass not intruding on either side of the stairs. Clear glass being transparent tremendously helped these existing stairs look bigger than they actually were.

Combine that with clean and simple installation with no glue, paint, or stain after the finish products of the home are installed, makes for less likely hood of damage to the railing system after installation. With the added benefit of being able to attach a sleek stainless steel hand railing through the glass going from the top of the main floor to the basement with very little interruption in the open concept. Note base shoe and pipe railing are available in stainless steel or powder coated aluminum to color to match if needed.

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