Pye’s perfect view

  • Category & Services: Interior railing installer, deck railing installation, glass railing, topless railing, AutoCAD design and layout services, CNC machining
  • Construction Date: June 2020
  • Location: Pye’s Landing, Clearwater Bay, Ontario

Locals refer to it as the 10th wonder of the world! With phenomenal views in any direction from picturesque lakes to rugged landscape, Lake of the Woods is truly a one-of-a-kind location – and we understand why they do. But, when you need want to maximize the most of your view, where can you turn to? Windeck, of course!

Not only do we build sensational decks, but we’re also a leading supplier and installer of railing products in Winnipeg, rural Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario. We have the range and the abilities to for exterior as well as your interior home or cabin! For this interior railing installation, wanted to create an elegant solution with glass. We turned to CR Laurence to source the stainless-steel hardware used for mounting our 12mm clear tempered glass railing.

Our qualified team can help you with every step of your railing project – from railing design to supply to install – and everything in between.

Inspiration is a journey

We absolutely get inspired when get the call to complete jobs in cabin-country. We’re available to work all over southeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario! When we showed up at the cottage in Clearwater Bay, we immediately could see how we could improve the situation. The old oak railing around the interior blocked one of the best features – the view outside cascading onto beautiful Lake of the Woods. The homeowner wanted a change and hired the #sexydeck crew – coincidentally, who also specialize in sexy views!

Interior railing installation means new-school tech

As you’ll see from our project photos, we went back to the digital drawing board for this railing project. Instead of templating with cardboard, which is an old-school way of making custom glass railing pieces, we went “special secret ops” on this job – complete with laser measurement devices and fancy instruments to calculate the angles and degrees just right.

We took our figures and punched them into AutoCAD. Using the power of this program, we were able to map on the entire project. But our use of technology didn’t stop at the planning stage. From our pixel-perfect drawings, we precision-cut the pieces with a CNC machine that followed the blueprint to perfection.

Our railing installers do what they do best – install railing!

Once we had the glass materials, fasteners and railing ready to install, it was a return trip out to Pye’s. While in the home, our entire crew treats your home and our jobsite, like if it was their own. When the work is all done, we complete a full clean-up so you’re ready to enjoy your home again, without having to lift a finger.

When we started this railing renovation, we set forth two primary goals:

  • Freeing the view from prison of pillars by mounting the glass railing directly to the side of the stairs and hallway with stainless steel stand-offs and using a strategically placed continuous stainless-steel handrail welded to a custom bracket on-site
  • Vastly improved safety through the strength of the stainless-steel fasteners and 12mm tempered glass.

With both of our goals achieved, we’ll let the photos of our finished interior railing project speak for themselves… but trust us; it’ll probably leave you breathless.

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