No Top Rail, No Problem

Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

You don’t want to go over the top, but you absolutely detest seeing a top railing running right through your view? When all you want to do is kick back and watch the river roll by, or keep a better eye on your kids’ shenanigans? Just ditch the top rail!

You can do that safely, because we build the strongest, best-value topless railing system on the planet. Windeck’s topless post is one solid aluminum extrusion throughout the whole post, welded to a 5”x5”x3/8” surface-mount or side-mount plate. The posts are fastened roughly every 4’6” on center, supporting 10mm tempered glass inserts. Solid and safe!

This system can be ordered in any size that you would like, tall enough to block the wind, or frosted so the neighbours aren’t watching your every move at the grill.

Materials Used

  • Railing system – S.T.A.R Aluminum Topless Railing
  • Glass – 10mm clear glass (polished edges on all sides)