Urban Privacy Paradise

Creating private outdoor living spaces can be problematic in an urban setting. Do you live in the city, and desperately need some privacy for your current or future back yard oasis? Maybe even some wind protection if you are in the country?

I get it you don’t get along with your neighbor…actually even if you do get along maybe they just don’t need to see what you’re up to in the hotub, or you don’t have the time to make small talk about the weather every time you walk outside to start the Barbeque. No judgement here Windeck is the small talk neighborhood eraser, creating private glass railing back yard spaces like this one to enhance your time at home.

We used 12 mm tempered matelux privacy glass to create privacy from neighbors and oncoming traffic, with matching art in the glass to compliment the deck inlay making the privacy area a focal point instead of that ship crashed into your house look. All glass was supported by beautiful 4 x 4 powder coated aluminum pillars for the strength it need to go almost eight feet high, complimented with a double four inch arbor to give the enormous system its much needed strength to stand up to Winds.

Note another added benefit to constructing any privacy panel, or railing with powder coated aluminum and glass is the maintence aspect. Aluminum will never rot, rust, or decay. Plus Aluminum is three times stronger than most local wood species making going high with privacy much safer and secure to stand up to winds and rough housing for all those parents out there. Tempered glass having the same benefits of strength and maintence, glass will never rot or decay. Just a yearly cleaning will usually be the extent of it.

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