Glass railings in the interior of a cottage

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  • Location: The Whiteshell

Like never before, consumers need and want options in railings!

There are railing desires for individuals who want different styles and price points. This particular railing system is an extremely popular option for clients who desire something modern, sleek, and affordable.

What does this system consist of and what are you buying?

This railing system was originally designed for the great outdoors, which makes it an awesome option for durability, strength, and low maintenance. So, what did we do to make it customized to this homeowner’s interior space? First off, the homeowner built his cottage without pre-planning for the interior railing. This is okay because we can build to suit most applications. The 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” square profiled posts are the starting point for this project. We took the necessary measurements and angles of his interior wall and fabricated custom angled baseplates that fit the stub wall and stair angles. Once we had the posts manufactured to fit his space, we bolted the posts on (evenly spaced), with four 3/8” x 4” stainless steel lag bolts. This is where we measure and template the angled stair glazing. Two weeks later, we came back with the glass. Each posts comes pre-set with a rubber gasket that allows for 10mm tempered and polished glass.

At this point, all that is required is to slide glass down into the posts. This process usually only takes an hour or two. We take precise measurements to get a custom fit powder-coated top railing. After the hand railing is manufactured, we apply a generous bead of structural silicone to the inside of the handrailing top channel, and then apply pressure to push it down onto the glass. The recommended cure time is 24 hours to fully cure, and there you have it, an affordable, beautiful, interior glass railing. If you prefer no top railing (except on stair sections) you can save yourself the cost of top railing, and leave it as topless glass.






Materials Used

  • 10 mm glass
  • 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” square profiled posts
  • hand railings

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