Maintenance-free exterior railings and fences

With so many railing options on the market, why should I choose S.T.A.R. Railing?

S.T.A.R. System International Ltd. has given railings and fences a modern makeover. Peeling paint and deteriorating wood are a thing of the past. Railings and fences from S.T.A.R. are made of rustproof aluminum with a durable powder coat finish in 14 standard colours.

You can add a traditional twist with one of S.T.A.R. System’s various picket styles, or go with contemporary glass for an unobstructed view. The glass can be customized even further, with options for glass tints, beveled edges, or an acid-etched style that lets light in while maintaining your privacy.

S.T.A.R.’s unique fence system also has telescopic in ground posts, with the exception of those attached to a concrete substrate. This way, if the posts ever shift, all it takes is a simple adjustment to make them level again. Using this innovative railing aluminum system will make your fence last a lifetime.

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You can even have a S.T.A.R. System railing installed indoors – the versatility and ease of care offered by S.T.A.R. railings are unparalleled.


S.T.A.R. railing is a modular (knock-down) pre-finished railing system, capable of being field assembled to fit any deck configuration.


The system’s ease of installation saves you time and money on labour. The knock down design will also save you money and damage claims over shipping bulky welded railing systems.


Takes the guess work out of stair applications. The system virtual will adjust to any stair angle making the easiest system on the market to install. Our customers love ease of assembly and so will you!


This means the heavy duty construction and meets the requirements of the rigid North American Building Codes. It meets the stringent load design loads of both 2009 International Building Code and the current edition of National Building Code of Canada.


Easy field assembly making it a snap for components and modifications of the railing to fit any deck configuration. Installation can be completed without the needs for any special tools for installation. It’s “snap tight” design assembles to make a structurally integral railing system won’t rattle in the wind like other component systems on the market.


We have over 40 years manufacturing of aluminum railing industry. Whether your project is big or small, we have seen it all . We have weathered the storms and have been in business for over 40 years backing with the S.T.A.R. warranty protection plan.


The Nationwide S.T.A.R. Dealer Network can help you plan and design your railing needs to enhance your deck and patio project.


An alternative to wood and steel systems that rot and rust and require restoration and repainting.


Available styles include post mounting options and various infill designs (multiple picket or glass designs) and a wide array of designer colour offerings. We offer standard product offerings along with custom fabrication capabilities to meet your project needs.


We boast 10 standard colour options meeting AAMA 2604 specifications and custom colour and finish options. The powder coating is a tough, durable coating, warranted under our S.T.A.R. warranty protection plan.


The powder-coated finish is eco-safe putting no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere like those found in most liquid coatings.


S.T.A.R. aluminum railings and their parent company have been in business for over 50 years. With more than half a century of testing and advancing the product, they meet safety requirements far beyond any standard “building code requirements”. At Windeck, we feel as strongly as S.T.A.R. aluminum railing about the safety and well-being of our customers, and we demonstrate this by ensuring we are a good-standing member of NADRA (North American Deck & Railing Association).


All S.T.A.R. aluminum railing posts are made with T6 grade aluminum alloy and heavy-duty .025” wall thickness with interior I gussets. We are serious about your family’s safety, and it all starts with a strong railing system. As a leading deck building company, we aim to provide the sturdiest railing system, through our relationship with S.T.A.R aluminum railing, for any application required.


What good is all that strength if you can’t make it securely fasten it to your deck? You want to sleep at night, knowing your railing is not going to fall over should a loved one lean against it or bump into it. We deliver peace of mind that your stair railing is secure to aid the family members that depend on it. With over 30 years of railing installation experience, Windeck has become obsessed with railing security. Only trained, qualified railing technicians are responsible for the installation of our S.T.A.R. aluminum railing systems. Through the use of thick stainless steel, anchors attached to properly built structure will allow your railing to meet the security protocols we follow, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.


In addition to the strict safety requirement we adhere to the S.T.A.R. “Classic Series” glass railing is a visual stunner. The railing system offers a clean, elegant look with a continuous top rail running over railing support posts below. The system is constructed from sturdy architectural aluminum alloys and coated with maintenance-free powder coated finish giving a beautiful railing you can lean on for decades.

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