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Grand Vista Sunrooms

Grand Vista sunrooms with 4 track stacking windows offer the feel of a screen room with the convenience of a three-season sunroom. When fully open, the vertical 4 track system provides nearly 75% of screen area!

The four panels can slide all the way to the top, bottom, or anywhere in between. Thanks to the heavy-duty vinyl film glazing, which is much lighter than glass, the spring-loaded panels stay exactly where you leave them.

Available Frame Colours

Three Season Sunrooms

Craft-Bilt’s 4 Track Windows can also be installed in your own wood or metal framework, making them an excellent option for upgrading your existing screen room to a three-season room. Visit our 4 Track Window page for more details.

Kneewalls, transoms, gables, and doors can all be customized with matching vinyl film or mixed with glass, depending on your preference.

Available Vinyl Film Colours

Unique Vinyl Glazing Withstands Impacts

Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, offer excellent insulation, and are much easier to install than glass. Unlike solarium glass, which is heavy and prone to cracking during installation or due to foundation shifts, polycarbonate sheets are significantly stronger than glass, acrylic, or even modified acrylic.