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Your Outdoor Space with Windeck Cable Railing

Cable Railings

When it comes to creating a beautiful, safe, and durable outdoor space, Windeck cable railing stands head and shoulders above the competition. With a focus on precision engineering and high-quality materials, Windeck cable railing offers a superior solution for your railing needs.

A significant advantage of Windeck cable railing is the unobstructed views it provides. Unlike glass railings, which can require maintenance cleans to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dirt, Windeck cable railing offers a clear, open view with no cleaning require. The sleek cables blend seamlessly into the background, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the frequent upkeep that glass demands.

Browse through a collection of striking projects and a captivating photo gallery showcasing the sleek design and contemporary allure of cable railings, designed to elevate your outdoor living experience.

Cable Railing Installation

There is a lot of talk about cable railings and “if they meet code”. As of 2024 they do! For a strong dependable Cable system here’s what you should be looking for:

Cable Tension

When these 4 guidelines have been followed make sure a qualified carpenter/installer tensioned the cables as per recommended guidelines. Cables must be tensioned in a specific sequence to ensure all cables are tight. One the job is completed, it should be re-tentioned the following day, once the cables relax. If this is all done, Enjoy your new, modern cable railings.

1/4" Thick Posts for Maximum Cable Tensioning

The foundation of any high-quality cable railing system is its posts, and Windeck understands this. Our railing posts are 1/4″ thick, providing unmatched strength and stability. This thickness is not just about durability; it’s essential for maintaining maximum cable tensioning. With Windeck, you can be confident that your cables will remain tensioned and secure over time, preventing sagging and ensuring the structural integrity of your railing system.

Premium 316 Stainless Steel Cable Tensioners

Ditch the Pickets

Premium quality is at the core of Windeck’s design philosophy. That’s why we use only the finest 316 stainless steel for our cable tensioners and non-tensioners. This grade of stainless steel is known for its superior resistance to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Whether you live by the coast or in an area with harsh weather conditions, Windeck cable railing will withstand the elements and look great for years to come.

Our cable tensioners are designed for easy installation and adjustment, allowing you to achieve perfect tension without the usual hassle. This ensures that your railing system not only looks pristine but also performs exceptionally well for years to come.

Innovative Design Without Double Posts on Corners

One of the standout features of Windeck cable railing is our innovative corner design. Traditional cable railing systems often require double posts at corners to manage cable tension, which can clutter the aesthetic and take up extra space. Windeck’s design eliminates the need for double posts, creating a cleaner and more customized look.

By using single posts at corners, Windeck maximizes visual appeal and maintains a minimalist design that complements any outdoor space. This design not only enhances the beauty of your deck but also simplifies the installation process, saving you time and effort.

Cable Railing

Why Windeck Cable Railing is the Best on the Market

The combination of robust 1/4″ thick posts, high-quality 316 stainless steel components, and a design free of double corner posts sets Windeck cable railing apart from the competition. Here are key reasons why it’s considered the best:

Windeck cable railing is the ideal choice for those looking to elevate their outdoor space with a product that combines strength, durability, and aesthetic beauty. With its superior engineering and innovative design, Windeck cable railing offers the best cable railing option on the market. Invest in Windeck, and enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance deck railing system that stands the test of time.

cable railing
cable railing

Durability and Strength

Our substantial post thickness ensures that the railing system can handle high tension without compromising stability or safety.

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek, modern design with minimalistic features enhances the look of any deck, providing unobstructed views and elegant lines.

Ease of Installation

With components designed for simplicity, Windeck cable railings are easier to install compared to traditional systems, saving time and effort.

Low Maintenance

Unlike glass railings, Windeck cable railings offer clear views without the need for constant cleaning, making them a practical and beautiful choice.


Using the highest quality materials ensures that Windeck railings will remain corrosion-free and maintain their structural integrity and visual appeal for years.