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Patio Covers

Get permanent protection from the elements for your patio, deck or front porch with a patio cover roof system by Craft-Bilt.

Homeowners opt for the PanelCraft™ insulated roof system for various reasons: it transforms a deck into a shady retreat, serves as a maintenance-free carport, or provides a roof for screened porches and sunrooms. With different thicknesses offering enhanced insulation values, the thickest panels can span large areas. Explore the exceptional features of this aluminum canopy system.

Lean-to Patio Cover

Available Frame Colours

Northlander™ Skyview Translucent Roof System

Skyview utilizes multi-wall polycarbonate sheets that allow beautiful filtered light while blocking UV rays. These sheets are exceptionally durable and are widely used for conservatories and daylighting applications worldwide. The Skyview Structural system is fully engineered to withstand the Canadian climate. Ideal for patio covers, our exclusive 32mm (1¼”) thick sheet provides superior insulation and protection from the hot sun, making it perfect for sunrooms.

Bring in the natural light while filtering out the sun

All framing is crafted from strong, maintenance-free aluminum. Our proprietary design features large glazing beams that are thoroughly tested, ensuring your new polycarbonate roof can support heavy snow loads. It’s a sound investment that adds value to your home.

The Northlander™ Skyview polycarbonate patio cover uses durable, multi-walled polycarbonate panels. These panels come in a range of solar tints that block harmful UV rays while allowing different levels of light transmission onto your deck or into your room enclosure.

Thinking About a Glass Roof?

Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, offer excellent insulation, and are much easier to install than glass. Unlike solarium glass, which is heavy and prone to cracking during installation or due to foundation shifts, polycarbonate sheets are significantly stronger than glass, acrylic, or even modified acrylic.