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Flexstone membranes are without a doubt the most durable sundeck coatings on the market today. The CCMC-approved coatings are gorgeous, versatile, seamless, and flexible. They will outlast any competitor’s product.

Flexstone Coatings offer a versatile, durable, and visually appealing solution for a variety of surfaces, enhancing both the functionality, longevity and aesthetic of your property. Ideal for sun decks, concrete entrances or walkways, and garages, Flexstone Coatings provide a seamless, attractive finish that stands the test of time.


Finally a superior alternative to membranes with seams.

industrial-strength waterproof membrane

Flexstone is an attractive and versatile industrial-strength waterproofing membrane applied in layers. It is designed to easily withstand the elements, as well as heavy foot or vehicular traffic. Flexstone is the common-sense answer for sundecks in Canada.

Flexstone’s four-ply CCMC-approved rubberized membrane relies on the foundation of its solvent-free base coat, which adheres to nearly any substrate (concrete, plywood, fiberglass, vinyl, urethane membranes, torch-on, and more) and retains its flexibility indefinitely. This base coat is installed in a thick layer with a v-notched trowel or squeegee.

The finish coats are not only aesthetically gorgeous, but they also have an important job. Our rugged mock-aggregate finishes provide a tough but flexible outer shell that keeps the membrane safe from heavy traffic and UV damage.


Unlike many other membranes, damage to your Flexstone deck is easily fixed: simply sand, wipe, and reapply the coating.


Flexstone on a residential sundeck can last almost indefinitely—easily 20–30 years before repairs or top-coating is needed.


Flexstone is formulated to handle dramatic temperature fluctuations, vehicle traffic, and foot traffic, making it an ideal deck coating.


Every component of the Flexstone system is designed to flex together. The inevitable movement and shifts of your sundeck will not lead to cracking or leaks.


Flexstone is an approved flat-roof membrane that has passed all the rigorous requirements put in place by the federal government.


Flexstone offers a variety of luxurious finish options designed to suit nearly any home design scheme.



The base coat is 100-per cent solvent-free (water-catalyzed)

This feature allows application right over old vinyl, fiberglass, or torch-on membranes, keeping roof and deck debris out of our landfills. Other urethanes cannot do this, because their solvents will dissolve the membrane below. Secondly, the UV stability and reflectivity of the finish coats save on building energy costs—air-conditioning units run for a fraction of the time during warmer months, and the seamless windproof membrane holds heat in during the colder months.

Sun Decks

Flexstone Coatings are perfect for sun decks, offering a sleek, seamless surface that removes the need for an overlapped seem, if you don’t like seems. Unlike vinyl, Flexstone creates a smooth, continuous finish with no visible seams, providing a modern and sophisticated look.

The coatings are UV resistant and waterproof, ensuring your deck remains cool and comfortable even under direct sunlight. Available in a range of colors and textures, Flexstone allows you to customize your deck to complement your outdoor space while providing a durable, slip-resistant surface that enhances safety and longevity.

Concrete Entrances and Walkways

Elevate the curb appeal of your property with Flexstone Coatings on your concrete entrances and walkways. Instead of the labor-intensive and costly process of removing old concrete, Flexstone offers a practical solution to repair and rejuvenate these areas. The coatings adhere to existing concrete, filling in cracks and imperfections to create a smooth, attractive finish.

With Flexstone, you can easily enhance the visual appeal of your walkways and entrances, making a striking first impression while enjoying a durable, easy-to-maintain surface. Doing Flexstone overtop of concrete can save you a lot of money, instead of removing and re-pouring concrete.


Update your garage into a clean, stylish, and functional space with Flexstone Coatings. The coatings provide a beautiful, chemical-resistant surface that withstands the demands of heavy vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Flexstone’s reflective finish not only brightens the space but also makes it easier to spot and clean oil stains, spills, and other messes. With a range of colors and finishes, you can create a garage floor that looks impressive and remains easy to maintain.

Want the Ultimate man den? Start by installing Flexstone into your garage.

Flexstone Coatings are a smart investment for any property, offering un-matched durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Whether for sun decks, concrete walkways, or garages, Flexstone transforms surfaces delivering long-lasting protection and beauty.