Outdoor Luxury Deck Space Realized

This beautiful property is red hot – and we’re not just talking about the colour of the house. Located in East St. Paul, Manitoba, this home has no shortage of amazing features that will make it hard for people to leave. Like an onion, this multi-level house is multi-faceted, so let’s peel back those layers.
  • Location:
    East St. Paul

Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

That’s deck-tacular

The deck is undoubtedly the star of the show, built over three levels for three times the fun. The top level is dedicated to entertaining and enjoying the view of the Red River. The second is for socializing: grilling and chilling, you might say. The third is intended for cooler nights with its infrared heaters, but is also a place to escape the rain and still enjoy the view.

Constructed of Wolfing Serenity decking in amberwood and black walnut colours, the whole upper and lower decks and stairway are waterproofed with Duradek. Additionally, a secondary framed deck was built on top with the Wolf Serenity decking to hide the sloped membrane, as well as the eavestrough and downsprouts. The top tier of the deck keeps the lower patio area free from rain, and allows an electrical infrared heater, lighting, and TV to be installed.

20/20 vision

You’ll be singing, “I can see clearly now”, because you are getting a great view of the surrounding area. Thanks to the clear topless glass with stainless steel spigots, nothing obstructs the view from the deck, kitchen, and living room. When the customer approached Windeck, their number-one concern was a totally unobstructed view. We delivered on that requirement—with a zero-maintenance product.

Don’t forget your Sun(coast) screens

Suncoast screens are motorized, concealed drop-down screens, which we installed over the patio. With the press of a button, the drop-down Suncoast screens will slowly descend to protect you from pesky insects. Our decks are UV-resistant; you’ll need to apply sunscreen yourself

Jacuzzi me?

You’re excused! We located a beautiful hot tub on the second tier next to the grilling station, so you can enjoy a hamburger in one hand, a cold beer in the other, while reclining in a comfortable bubbly tub. No such thing as too much luxury!

En-light-en me

We can’t say enough about in-lite, which has been a delightful part of our business. Windeck is a distributor of in-lite, and we used almost their whole product catalogue for ambiance here. Since the homeowners and their guests will be out on the deck at all hours, they need the proper lighting for both a delightful experience and personal safety.

The in-lite line of outdoor lighting includes: ground lights, bollards, wall lights, outdoor spotlights, surface lights, system products, and accessories. Their products are easy and safe to install. However, if you need assistance with creating an outdoor lighting plan, or want to consult an expert team for advice, Windeck will be happy to assist.

If this complex deck intrigues you, with all its bells and whistles, email info@windeck.ca to find out how we can help you build the deck that you desire.

Materials Used

  • motorized hidden drop-down screens (Suncoast screens)
  • clear topless glass with stainless steel spigots
  • infrared heaters
  • 80-inch TV
  • in-lite lighting
  • Wolf Serenity deckling in Amberwood and Black Walnut colours
  • water drainage system, in which upper, lower and stairway are waterproof with Duradek, as well as a secondary framed deck built on top, eavestrough, and downspouts.