Sexy deck arising

  • Category & Services: Deck design & consultation, composite deck building, deck railings which include aluminum railing installation with topless glass railing inserts, InLite outdoor LED lighting, custom-designed pergola with outdoor heaters, PVC decking materials for a maintenance-free deck, landscaping
  • Construction Date: June 2019
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB

Our target customer is an individual that wants to work with a talented crew and believes in maintenance-free, doing something “once” principle over building a deck with treated lumber – that just won’t last given Winnipeg’s environment. Not only are the techniques we bring to any deck building project superior, but the composite decking materials we recommend are also products we stand behind (or in this case, we stand on).

So, if you’re serious about investing in your home, having your deck built to last a lifetime, and want a deck designed to fit your backyard and match your lifestyle – we encourage you to talk to us today! Just like this customer’s project, we’ll give you the attention and confidence you need to move forward… and soon you’ll have an awesome deck!

What are you deck building goals? We want to know!

The story of this customer started much like any other deck building project. Our customer came to a deck consultation appointment at our showroom in Winnipeg. But, before we proposed a deck, we need to know what makes our customers tick. Tell us your three wishes, after all, you’re talking to a deck builder genie! But don’t worry, we work far beyond the three wishes. Here are just some of the things our customer wished for!

Creating a space on the deck that’s perfect for lounging with an option for rain or sun protection

We went to work designing a deck to meet this need. We formulated a plan featuring a sunken level off the main seating area. The space is built for lounging is sublime and complete with comfortable outdoor furniture. We gave the shelter the customer sought after by building a custom pergola with a slatted roof. Want a little sunshine to peek through? Angle the slats open! Need shelter from the rain or sun? Close them shut!

We also strategically placed additional outdoor heaters for warmth. This helps extend the deck’s season by a few days into the spring and fall.

Trust and communication throughout the deck building process

Even though the client was confident in our past work there was some hesitation. They came to us in the first place after having a bad experience with past contractors. They knew of us and had seen our commercial on tv, so it helped break through the trust barrier. Once they started asked around, they quickly found out our reputation precedes – everyone they talked to had nothing by positive experiences with us. We love talking to our customers at the start of a project as we design their deck, during their project as we build their deck, and after the work is complete at our final walkthrough.

Overcome soil and stability challenges

This project came with a challenge around getting the building permit. The property is along a riverbank, so we needed to ensure stability. But when you’re working on a project – would you rather try to overcome these challenges on your own or have a team of experts working for you? Even though we’re a “deck builder” we’re also a solutions company. We have a vast knowledge of all parts of the construction industry, and when we need specialized help, we have a massive network of other professionals we have relationships to call upon. For this customer, we contacted a geotechnical engineer to visit the job site. After testing the soil, we communicated with the municipality to have the required permits completed.

Our deck builder team doing what they do best – build sexy decks!

With the permits in place, the deck design finalized, and the client eager to start enjoying summer – it was green light time – we got to work!

  • Two distinct deck zones; one area for relaxation and socializing and the other for preparing and eating backyard BBQ
  • Custom design-build pergola to shelter our customer from rain or sun featuring a remote-operated Louver Roof structure
  • S.T.A.R. Aluminum Railing System with topless glass railing around the perimeter, ensuring your family’s safety. The sleek deck railing installation you see here is in santex black
  • Our patented outdoor lighting solutions – in-stair lighting on both staircases and pergola lighting – so, you’ll always be able to see even at night
  • Wolf PVC decking is the best composite decking material on the market. If you’re building a deck – don’t use anything else until you talk to us about Wolf! Tons of colours will give your deck the visual interest you desire – for this project we chose teakwood for the main decking and rosewood for the borders and accents

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