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Curved Decks Wolf PVC Decking

Years ago any “decent carpenter” could put a radius in your deck, by simply cutting each deck board flush with the rim board. With exterior spaces quickly becoming a more pleasing part of our homes, we need our details matching the rest of our deck. So why stop at the curved deck board? I’ll tell you why, because it’s hard to nail perfectly without being a professional.

Key things to look for when you see a curved deck or seek out a curving professional;

  1. Is the nosing around the edge of deck consistent? This can happen when the radium is wrong.
  2. Is there any material fading or warping? This can happen when boards are not baked at the perfect temperature.
  3. Is there surface bubbling? This also happens when the board is not cooked properly.
  4. Are the deck boards coming up to the curved board perfectly consistent? This is often not the case when an un-experienced bender is doing the work.

When choosing your curved deck professional, come check out Windeck’s Showroom for more curving deck details and below for curved deck shots.

Curved Deck
Curved Deck Beam

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