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Framing Decks With Hot Tubs

Many People think it’s as simple as slapping down some 1/4″ down and installing 18″ x 18″ pads down and framing tight around hot tub. Here is some questions/tips on things to remember when choosing a deck professional.

1) What is the sub-floor for my wet space where hot tub will be installed?

2) Am I using materials that can withstand bromine, chlorine and other chemicals that have harmful side effects on decking products?

3) Is there access to the service and electrical panels of the hot tub?

All good builds start at the foundation. If your putting down PVC decking why cheap out on the sub floor?Ā Packed gravel or concrete slab floors have a tendency to crack, heave and move over a period of time. At Windeck we provide Structural steel piles, complete with water-guard joist tape for the entire hot tub area. If your decking is life time, then it only makes sense to have your framing life time.

When choosing a PVC deck board make sure the cap stock can withstand harmful chemicals and accept loads of water without becoming a breading ground for mold and mildew. Check outĀ for a product that is perfect for around hot tubs

People forget the obvious. Not a matter of if, but when the hot tub breaks down, will you be able to service it easily. Always make sure you speak with a Aqua/Hot tubĀ professional before closing in your investment. Below is a picture of a recent project just completed with Windeck.Ā ThanksĀ for taking the time to read this blog.


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