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A comprehensive guide for Picket Railing: An In-Depth Overview

Picket railing has stood the test of time, offering both timeless allure and functional versatility in architectural design. Whether staying true to traditional suburban residences or modern urban dwellings, picket railing not only adds class, but also ensures safety. This comprehensive guide dives into the world of picket railing, exploring its benefits, design variations, installation intricacies, and maintenance essentials.

Understanding Picket Railing:

Picket railing, often referred to as picket fence railing, comprises vertical posts (pickets) evenly spaced along horizontal top and bottom railings. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this design ensures safety and durability, rendering it ideal for decks, balconies, staircases, and porches. Available in wood or powder-coated aluminum, aluminum picket railing offers piece of mind against rust, rot, and degradation, ensuring longevity with minimal upkeep.

Picket railing serves a dual purpose as a protective barrier, safeguarding against accidental falls and providing a secure environment, particularly for children and pets. Our S.T.A.R. powder-coated aluminum picket railing, available in standard 36” or 42” heights (customizable as needed), adheres to national building codes, with height recommendations based on specific applications. The national building code insists on a 36” high railing if your between 2’ and 6’. If you deck or balcony is above 6’ national building code required 42” high railing.

Picket Railing

Empowering homeowners, our professional guidance facilitates seamless installation for DIY enthusiasts. Armed with prefabricated picket lengths and basic tools such as a skill saw, drill, tape measure, and pencil, even novice installers can embark on picket railing projects confidently.

Beyond its visual appeal, picket railing proves to be the most economically viable and maintenance-free option on the market. Crafted from high-grade T6 aluminum alloys, it eliminates the need for painting, scraping, or staining, unlike steel or metal counterparts prone to corrosion and rust. With aluminum picket railing, concerns regarding scratches or dings dissipate, as its corrosion-resistant properties ensure lasting durability and no rusting even when scratched or damaged. The S.T.A.R. system is a “knock down”, pre-welded railing, so you can be sure your entire system acts together as one unit for a superior strength aluminum picker railing. In simple terms, it’s all one piece, instead of small sections that stand alone.

Picket Railing

Picket railing exceeds its functional role to become a design focal point, enhancing the visual appeal of any residential or outdoor setting. Whether drawn to the rustic charm of wood or the contemporary allure of metal, picket railing offers a spectrum of options to suit diverse tastes and preferences all at an affordable price point. By grasping the advantages, design nuances, installation techniques, and maintenance requisites of picket railing, homeowners can optimize their property’s athletics, safety, and value for generations to come.

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