Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

Make your outdoor space unique

Discover the magic of light

Ever wondered what makes a sunset so spectacular? Why we sit around a fire pit until the wee hours, forgetting the time completely? Why people travel thousands of miles to admire the northern lights or the dazzling billboards of Times Square?

It’s the darkness? Evening. Nighttime. The magical time when all the senses seem to be at their peak. This is the time when light is experienced most intensely: it is the darkness that makes the light so bright.

You don’t need to travel to experience this magic. There’s no need to accept a dark and uninviting yard? You can enjoy your yard after dark as well, whether you spend the entire evening outdoors or admire your enchantingly beautiful yard from indoors.

in-lite outdoor lighting truly brings your outdoor space to life. The magic of lighting with just the right intensity and balance provides an experience you never dreamed possible. Unhide your outdoor living space.

in-lite® Outdoor Lighting Products

Windeck recommends in-lite products for outdoor lighting

High-quality design from a Netherlands-based company

in-lite is headquartered in The Netherlands, and have distributors across North America. We love their high-quality lighting fixtures that withstand our Canadian elements, while remaining affordable. We confidently recommend in-lite products for any outdoor space or deck building project we design!

Energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting

Winnipeg’s seasons are unforgiving; any product we use needs to be durable. We believe in in-lite—their products are designed for long life and resistance to the elements. What’s more, they’re energy-efficient, using LED lighting that’s easy on your power bill and easy on the environment.

Easy to install, modify, and expand

The product is easy to install. In fact, smaller jobs can be handled by a competent Do-It-Yourselfer. If you like to change up your outdoor lighting from time to time, in-lite products are simple to modify, and their product line offers many options. They offer a whole range of useful accessories, too.

Large variety of outdoor lighting products which can be used for all kinds of applications

in-lite’s outdoor lighting product line is vast – anything you need to light your space, they make! Ground lights, bollards, wall lights, outdoor spotlights, and surface lights. Further, in-lite fully supports its product with everything needed for installation—ee their catalogue or website for more information.

Highest CRI (Colour Rendering Index) Rating

All the in-lite outdoor lighting products offer excellent colour rendering index (CRI) illumination. CRI is a scale from 0 to 100% indicating how accurately a light source renders colour. The higher the CRI, the better your outdoor living space looks!

Deck fit for a king