Ascending 300 Assiniboine with Aluminum Glass Railing

  • Category & Services: Commercial building railing, deck railing installation, glass railing, balcony railing for multiple-storey building, high-rise building railing installation
  • Construction Date: November 2016
  • Location: 300 Assiniboine Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

As a Winnipeg-based, family-owned, and operated business, we cannot be prouder than when we contribute to the city’s skyline. Standing at a soaring height of 86 meters, compromised of 25-storey, and home to 215 families – we put the icing on the proverbial “cake” that is the high-rise at 300 Assiniboine Avenue (sometimes known as Heritage Landing).

The multi-family building is set on a prime piece of riverbank real estate. If you love city living, there might not be a better spot to call home. At ground level the building is walking distance to Winnipeg’s best attractions. The land surrounding the building is beautifully landscaped and features parks, river walkways, and everyday amenities. However, where this building shines is the views. If you ever get the chance to take a tour or own a suite for yourself, you’ll quickly know what we’re talking about.

300 Assiniboine puts our craftsmanship, performance, and style on display

As the contractors and suppliers for the balcony railing at 300 Assiniboine, we knew that our product and craftsmanship would be put to the test. Anytime you’re working off the ground, challenges arise exponentially. But we have the experience, the knowledge, and the team that’s required to execute a job like this. Some of the principles we followed, built into our core service offering to ensure success are:

  • Craftsmanship – at a soaring 25-storeys the aluminum railing system needs to be strong, secure, and safe – all trademarks of the S.T.A.R. Aluminum Railing System product line
  • Performance – we only recommend, manufacture, or supply products that meet our rigid and high standards, with low-maintenance built-in
  • Style – the towering building can be seen from a distance and for anyone up close or living at the residence, we wanted the balcony to be stylish, sleek, and match the appeal of the rest of the building’s design

Extending the epic view with glass railing installation

Finally, we needed to emphasis the view you garner when you live at 300 Assiniboine. The epic, sprawling landscape of the city below is best enjoyed from your balcony. We installed high-strength aluminum railing that features a stylish glass railing insert. The glass below the top railing gives the best view of what we can only describe as breathtaking. If you ever get to see your city from the sky, make sure you do!

How we pulled off the balcony railing installation

Here is the technical bits for how we pulled together the feat found at 300 Assiniboine.

  • All railing on the balconies use the S.T.A.R. classic series railing system which is welded components that use T6 grade aluminum. The aluminum when welded makes for a stronger railing
  • Meeting the architect’s specification, each balcony featured a unique angle, requiring for us to create a custom angled post
  • The glass railing insert is 6mm clear tempered glass
  • Anchors used to install the railing system are Hilti expansion anchors measuring 3/8” x 3 ¾” stainless steel
  • All posts are secured with four anchors per post and have a continuous top railing tying all the posts together giving the structure the strength of a woven truss

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