Deck fit for a king

  • Category & Services: Deck Design & Consultation, Deck Building, Railing Installation, Outdoor Living Spaces, Maintenance Free Deck
  • Construction Date: September 2019
  • Location: North Kildonan, Winnipeg, MB

While we commonly work with clients with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, every so often we find a customer willing to build the granddaddy of all decks. A deck with nearly no limitations – no limitations on creativity – they simply want to make a statement. These opportunities can be rare as a unicorn, but when they come around, you push the envelope in all areas from conceptualizing the design to the final touches on the finished result.

As well, the customer needs to trust the company creating the deck – can pull off the “big game” they talk. But Windeck’s performance and track record shows we’ve has achieved results time and time again. When opportunities like this come along, it’s like you’re building a “deck fit for a king”.

Deck building isn’t without it’s fair share of challenges

Space to build the deck was our single biggest limitation

While building a “deck fit for a king” our customer had some critical design challenges we needed to address. As seen in the video, there was a limited amount of space between the house and the in-ground pool. We needed to ensure each square foot was impactful and had functionality. Through a series of customer meetings, needs analysis, 3D CAD drawings and models, we designed a layout which blurs the line on perfection.

Creating deck framing around the hot tub which would still be accessible

With any sort of product with mechanical parts, hot tubs need to be serviced and maintained from time to time. Add in Winnipeg’s unforgiving climate – extreme heat in the summer, heavy snow and bone-chilling cold during winter – and it could spell a recipe for disaster. However, at Windeck, we created a patented system of hydraulic hatches which allow the utmost ease and accessible to the hot tub’s mechanical parts. And, perhaps the best part – the design of this feature makes it unnoticeable!

Lighting the deck’s distinct areas with sophistication

Using industry leading lighting technology from In-Lite made lighting the deck a breeze. However, we still needed to incorporate many different lights and wiring parts of the deck became a tricky endeavor. Part of any challenge with lighting is hiding the wiring. The last thing you’d want to see on a deck of this caliber and budget, is a bunch of wires showing, which would detract from the ambiance we’re creating. One of our most clever solutions, perhaps our “brightest” moments, was to run the wiring for the archway portlights, through the louver roof framing. All the wires for these splendid lights were concealed.

The deck’s feature consisting of fire, water, and rock

Being masters of craftsmanship, we look to combine different building materials and processes to creating visually exciting features. With our customer pushing us to come up with something never seem before, we created a feature of three of the four elements – fire, water, and earth. We brought the materials together with unparalleled elegance – a fireplace sitting atop a wall of custom-tiled bricks, with two waterfall insets splashing over a granite platform – a stunning statement piece.

Our deck build boosts these fine outdoor living features – tailored to our customer’s needs and lifestyle:

  • The deck is designed in three zones grilling/bar, sports lounge, and hot tub
  • Outdoor large screened TV and Stereo so you can watch the game on the deck
  • Over eighty LED lights were installed so the deck comes to life, even at night
  • Two fire tables and a fireplace for heat and increased ambience
  • Two Louver roofs to define the outdoor space and provide shelter from the elements
  • Multiple granite bar tops for entertaining
  • Cultured stone around the fireplaces, bar area, and waterfall.
  • Custom-made PVC drawer to hold pool toys complete with granite countertop to provide a serving area
  • 12mm black frit glass around hot tub to provide ambience, privacy, and shelter
  • 4.5-foot-tall, 12mm black frit glass to define and accent BBQ cooking area
  • Indirect LED strip lighting mounted to underside of all granite counter tops

And on top of all these features added – our customer had a desire for safety within the space we were creating for them. Part of the added safety comes in the form of the deck design itself. Being a two-level deck creates two shorter stairways for a safer pool entry (for younger children and grandchildren).

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