Windeck Ltd.

Elevated Deck Game

Multiple elevations. Steep hills. Rugged, unforgiving landscape. Lake country logistical challenges. All these complications would leave your average deck builder at a loss. Most likely they wouldn’t even agree to tackle them—let alone complete the masterpiece you see on this page. 

At Windeck, we’re constantly looking for challenges. With each challenge we overcome, we know that our deck-building game will be elevated to levels not yet dreamed.


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Growing Family

During the early consultation phases, one thing was made very clear. With the kids growing up and grandkids now coming into the mix, more space was a must. We decided to bump out the upper deck by an extra twelve feet, compared to the existing deck, to allow plenty of room for the whole family to spend time together. Bumping out the upper deck allowed the opportunity of some very interesting ideas below. A question was raised by the customer wondering if it were possible to build a screen room on the lower deck, below the upper deck. Being rural Manitoba, the bugs do often get quite bad so we all thought this was a brilliant idea.

When engineers and surveyors are needed for deck building

The deck location featured multiple elevations with steep slopes. This would be the single largest challenge, impacting the project at all stages. To ensure structural integrity and safety of the deck and outdoor living space are met, we called in surveyors and an engineer to help plan through the design and construction. Our theme of safety ran throughout every aspect of the project—from the pile layout, to the team following industry standards for safe work from ladders, to the final touches and details considered. The finished product was a superior outcome for our customer—which is the name of the game!


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