Windeck Ltd.

Living Maintenance Free

Our Maintenance-Free Decks, blend innovation and style that promise a lifestyle of convenience effortlessly. 

All projects are crafted with top-of-the-line products such as Wolf Serenity Decking and S.T.A.R. topless glass railing systems. The in-lite hyve 180 stair lighting, controllable through the in-lite app, adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring your deck remains usable even when the sun goes down. Let’s face it backyards are scary, but they don’t have to be with In-Lite outdoor lighting.


Want an Estimate?

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Wolf Serenity Decking

Deciding how to spend your hard-earned money? We’ve all heard it, there is a difference between price and cost.  Wolf Serenity Decking is something to consider investing in. Unlike standard wood that struggles with longevity, Wolf serenity decking, you know longer required tedious hours scraping, painting and staining. Renowned for its durability and timeless appeal, this decking solution requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor sanctuary. Wolf decking will outlast us, without the, you know… Grey hairs.

S.T.A.R. Topless Glass Railing Systems

A practical way to stand out from all the other “decks” out there, is adding a HUGE touch of elegance with S.T.A.R. topless glass railing systems. Offering unobstructed views and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, these railings provide both safety and a sense of openness, enhancing the overall appeal of your new deck.

In-Lite Hyve 180 Stair Lighting and in-lite app control:

Experience cutting-edge lighting with in-lite hyve 180 lighting, seamlessly integrated into your deck. Control the ambiance effortlessly through the in-lite app, allowing you to tailor the lighting to suit every mood and occasion. This smart feature enhances both safety and atmosphere, providing a customizable outdoor experience.

Built-Out BBQ Area

Nothing is worse than forcing your cooking space into precious dining real-estate. With thoughtful design techniques, we can transform your outdoor gatherings with a designed built-out BBQ area. Seamlessly integrated into the deck, this space combines functionality with style, creating the perfect setting for culinary creativity and enjoyable outdoor dining. It doesn’t have to be cramped, just doing hire chuck for your design.

Custom-Built Privacy Walls

Relaxation often requires alone time. Of course, being alone isn’t always good, but sometimes we just need a break from “the awkward neighbor head nod”. With custom-built privacy walls on both sides of the deck. Crafted to complement the overall design, these walls provide seclusion and elegance, enhancing the privacy of your outdoor retreat and relaxation.

Windeck’s Maintenance-Free Decks are a testament to the perfect ratio of form and function. With Wolf Serenity Decking, S.T.A.R. topless glass railing systems, in-lite hyve 180 lighting accessible through the in-lite app, a built-out BBQ area, and custom privacy walls, this deck is an invitation to embrace a life we look forward to each summer night. Redefine your outdoor experience with a deck that not only improves your space, but also simplifies your life.