S.T.A.R. Powder Coated Stairs and Railing

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Classic S.T.A.R. Picket Railing.

The 80/20 rule remains a constant in much of life, and exterior railings are no different. Fully 80% of our railing consumers choose the “Classic” S.T.A.R. picket railing. Why is this so popular?

When a potential client reaches out to Windeck, we usually hear “we are looking for something affordable, simple, and maintenance-free. Our response is “have you seen the “Classic” S.T.A.R. picket railing system”? Many companies across Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario offer some variation of this railing, at least at first glance. For railings as for humans, not all is the same on the inside.

Why they choose “Classic” S.T.A.R. Picket Railing?

Unlike its counterparts, “Classic” S.T.A.R. railing, has all its components pre-welded onto each post. All baseplates are 4”x4”x3/8”, with an exterior fillet weld applied to all four sides. Since aluminum loses a lot of strength when welded, we also weld a 6” “I gusset” inside the post tubing. This makes for a far stronger post connection then any other competitive brand on the market. Taking it a step further, all our extrusions are 0.125” thick T6 grade aluminum, a far superior quality aluminum alloy. Your average “big-box store” railing posts are only 0.07” in wall thickness, and only T5 aluminum, a much lower-grade metal.

Let’s talk connections:

Something often overlooked when purchasing an aluminum railing, is how long a continuous top railing you can buy. With the S.T.A.R. railing system, even a 20 foot railing is one continuous component, connecting the entire run of posts structurally. With other brands, you can only buy 4–6’ sections, connecting only the posts along that short run and making it a lot weaker. For most consumers, a railing of maximum strength is what they want for both safety and functionality.

Cost Vs. Benefit:

When you buy a “Classic” S.T.A.R. picket railing, you investment perhaps 15% more than you would at a big-box store. If you compare value—faster installation and 75% more aluminum, of higher strength, in your railing, this choice becomes a no brainer.