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Outdoor Cottage Living With Wolf

This beautiful lake front property used to have one big deteriorated wood deck, offering a poor view of the lake obstructed by bulky wood posts and spindles. The roof deck over the boat house leaked, and old cedar deck boards were splintered.

Those rotted deck boards made the outdoor living space thoroughly uninviting; it’s not where you want your kids to play. Taking slivers out of toddler’s feet for half of your weekend is defiantly not relaxing. The leaking roof deck was causing structural damage, and the railing was not helping anyone relax by enjoying the beauty of the lake.


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In our new design, the main decking material used was Wolf Serenity. Having a PVC core and synthetic Cap stock eliminated the issue of slivers, and rot, while maintaining the look of wood decking. The secondary material, used on the portion of the deck over the boat house, was Duradek. Duradek is a low-maintenance, walkable roof deck membrane that waterproofs the structure while being visually appealing. That put a stop to the leaky roof, and irreparable structural damage it would soon have caused. The third issue, the interrupted view, was solved by using a topless and frameless glass railing system, precisely where the lake was most visible. The customer now has an uninterrupted view while lounging or entertaining on their deck.

The finished product has freed up the customer’s time—no cutting into an already short summer season doing any sort of maintenance or up-keep. More time with family during the summer holidays, less work, and outdoor products that will last a lifetime—essentials for the ideal lake life.