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Park City Commons

Park City Commons is a 23-acre mixed-use development located at Plessis Road/Transcona Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As a former City of Winnipeg Public Works Yard, the site was designed in the context of the “OurWinnipeg” development plan and transformed into a high-density, mixed-use, transit-oriented development with a new public library and multi-use recreational facility.

We are proud to be part of this “Mini City project in Transcona”.  Located on the west side is ten six story Luxurious Apartment blocks with over fifteen hundred balconies combined between them. The owners needed a railing product that they would trust is strong, hardworking, and blue collar just like the Transcona neighborhood that Park City commons is located in.

Our S.T.A.R. classic commercial aluminum picket option is cost effective, provides fast install, while remaining the strongest railing system on the market. S.T.A.R. railing has safety at the top of its mind when designing any of their products, and it just happens that they also make the best looking railing system on the market as well. You can be guaranteed our railing is tried and true, 3rd party engineered, and we do not cut corners. That’s why when we finish a job as large as this, we can sleep good at night and happily service our clients for another 30 years.

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