The Big Deckbowski - Seeing Red: This Deck is On Fire

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  • Location: Tuxedo, Winnipeg

With summer winding down, you’ll want to find warmth as much as you can before the inevitable freezing temperatures arrive. Look no further than the amazing deck that is also known as The Big Deckbowski’. With gorgeous pops of red everywhere you look and a dark, moody, yet inviting atmosphere, you’ll never want to leave your deck for a second.


What’s unique about this deck is it’s not your standard, stagnant deck. It has several moving parts – 22 motors, in fact – that enhance the deck’s overall environment for its users. For example, this project features a five-zone louvred roof which opens and closes, letting in sunlight or completely blocking it off. The deck also includes five double-screen slash vinyl sunshades. The screens come down whatever distance you want, whether it’s two feet to provide partial coverage, or all the way to completely block out the sun.


There’s nothing like cooking outside in an all-granite outdoor kitchen. No one wants to keep trotting back and forth from inside the house to outside to feed their guests. The granite countertops are like works of art, with black and white swirls surrounding a built-in barbecue grill and fridge. Mere steps away from the station are seating for eight.


Windeck uses in-lite lighting for all their projects, and there’s no shortage of it in this deck. There are surface lights in the inlays, puck lights in the louvred roofs, and even lights in the stairs! All the in-lite lighting products are controlled via a wireless Bluetooth hub on a home automation system. Infrared heaters are also available for warming things up during spring and fall.


Having a TV out in the open on a deck can be a bit strange, but that’s why Windeck installed the TV to remain hidden inside the deck until summoned. To the unsuspecting eye, the area looks like a spot to open down drinks or food, but, via the home automation system, the TV literally rises to the occasion with the bush of a button. It also swivels around so you can watch your favourite show from the comfort of the living area or the hot tub.


The fire and fire-related features are showstopping inclusions on this deck. The customer requested the fiery-looking orange swirls on printed glass – that were jet-inked and baked on – to run from one end of the deck to the other. There is also a fireplace and firepit to add elegance and warmth during those chillier summer evenings.


The deck’s most unique feature included nearly 400 square feet of completely custom, permanent full-colour ceramic frit imagery, with graphic flow-through at panel edges. The project included 10 panels weighing over 2,500 pounds, with the largest panel weighing in at nearly 500 pounds. Ceramic frit is applied to the glass at 36 million particles per second, yielding photo-realistic 720-dpi imagery.

A literal hot commodity, this deck leaned into themes of red, fire, and coziness to create an environment that’s not only technologically elevated but also comfortable and unforgettable to all that visit. For more information, contact us at if you want us to help you with your next home project.

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