Unobstructed Deck Views of the River

Modern Look

It seems like the open concept is becoming increasingly more prevalent in design and architecture these days. People want to the illusion of space without sacrificing safety. They want to be able to bring the beauty of nature into the foreground without worrying about the safety of their loved ones. One modern way to accomplish this is by using S.T.A.R. System stainless steel cable railing. With high quality heavy extrusion aluminum posts and tension-ed stainless steel cable, we can create a modern look that brings nature into your living space, and is completely safe for you and your loved ones.

Durability & Maintenance

Every component of our stainless steel cable railing is highly resistant to corrosions which makes it an ideal choice for any interior or exterior application. With high quality aluminum and stainless steel cable and fasteners, there is nothing in our railing system that can rust. The only maintenance that cable railing might need every few years is re-tensioning of the cables. This can be simply done by any property owner with an Allen key. If high durability and low maintenance are high on your list, then there’s arguably no better option than S.T.A.R. System cable railing.

Ease of Cleaning

With powder coated aluminum posts and stainless steel cable railing, cleaning has never been easier. In fact, it’s simply non-existent. As opposed to glass railing where people would be cleaning the glass twice a month, you simply don’t have to clean it. Take a pressure washer to it once a year and that would be more than sufficient.

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