Windeck Ltd.

Vacation Station

Not every vacation needs to take you across the continent when you can build the perfect getaway in your back yard. That’s exactly what the customer wanted to achieve in their back yard, and we delivered.

The goal of a vacation is to not worry about anything. That is also our goal when building you a deck. Our decks last a life time so you never have to worry about painting or staining. Want to relax in the shade? With just a press of a button the louvered pergola will go from a sun worshipers paradise to a cool oasis protected from the sun. With our topless railing system, even the beautiful view of the back yard is enhanced so you don’t have to leave your seat to take it all in.


Want an Estimate?

Use our online deck calculator to price out a deck. Get us to build or do it yourself!

What are you deck building goals?

Because Windeck is a trend setter we are always exploring new products and details that can be incorporated in your next deck project. Because of this we can achieve our customers goals, whether that’s maintaining the perfect view, or creating a space protected from the elements. We can do it and we will do it with maintenance free products, combined with the most experienced deck design team in the city.


Windeck has pioneered the louvered pergola system in Winnipeg, and it is showcased on this deck. The louvered roof creates a space that can adapt to the changing weather, being outside doesn’t necessarily mean you have to endure the elements. Having the ability to control the elements greatly increased the amount of usable time our customer can spend on their deck, and not only does it create the perfect backyard vacation, it looks good doing it too.

Trust and communication throughout the deck building process

Though the client was confident in our past work, there was some hesitation. They came to us in the first place after having a bad experience with past contractors. They’d seen our commercial on tv, and once they started asked around, they quickly found out our reputation precedes us—everyone they talked to had nothing but positive experiences to share. We love working with our customers at the start of a project as we design their deck, throughout the building of their deck, and after the work is complete at our final walkthrough.

Overcome soil and stability challenges

This project came with a challenge: getting the building permit. The property is along a riverbank, so we needed to ensure stability. But we’re a team of experts working for you—a “deck builder”, sure, but also a solutions company. We know all aspects of the construction industry, and when we need specialized help, we can call on a massive network of other professionals we’ve worked with before. For this customer, we contacted a geotechnical engineer to visit the job site. After testing the soil, we were able to get the municipality to issue the required permits.