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Aluminum Railing… the better railing choice

Why use Aluminum Railing on your deck project?

Want a structural sound, maintenance free railing that requires little to no pre-planning for when you’re building your deck? Aluminum railing systems are the best maintenance-free option on the marketplace.

Aluminum is a metal alloy that does not corrode or rust. Aluminum with a powder coated finish is Strong, resilient, and beautiful. Aluminum railing can be installed as the last part of your decking project with surface mount, or fascia mount aluminum railing systems it requires no pre-planning to notch out or install posts ahead of time and offers much more freedom in terms of design.

What to look for when choosing a railing system

  1. Does the system have a continuous top rail?
  2. What gauge wall thickness are the posts & railing components?
  3. Does the railing system have a warranty, if so how long?

For over 2 generations and 23 years S.T.A.R. Aluminum has been the leader in the industry for Powder coated aluminum component railing systems. With many different styles and choices to choose from one thing always guaranteed with S.T.A.R. Aluminum Railing Systems is that strength is of the utmost importance to the finished product. Windeck is proud S.T.A.R. Railing System supplier and qualified railing installer.

Where does the strength for the railing system come from?

Each post has a 3” I-gusset insert pre-welded to the aluminum base plate, with a 2”x2” aluminum post over top of the I-gusset. also pre-welded to the aluminum base plate. This allows the aluminum post to withstand a significant amount more load applied to the top rail. See the image below which shows a standard S.T.A.R. Aluminum base plate. For all your railing installation needs – do it once, do it right – call Windeck first!

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