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Deck railing ultimate guide for Winnipeg Homes

topless glass railing from S.T.A.R. railing systems.

When it comes to deck building you need a quality deck railing to complete the project. Not only are their safety factors to be mindful of, there are technical aspects to deck railing that need to be considered.

Railing Strength

Picket Railing

The primary function of a guardrail is that of safety. Although aesthetics and costs are often considerations found on most consumers guardrail shopping lists, guardrail structural strength and safety should top their list. 

Cable Railing Systems

Ditch the Pickets

There is a lot of talk about cable railings and “if they meet code”. Currently they do not and are pending acceptance by Manitoba building codes. However with today’s advance building architecture, people are stirring up interest in railing styles such as cable railing systems.