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Duradek Outdoor Sheet Vinyl

Is Outdoor Sheet Vinyl all the same?

When choosing an exterior waterproofing membrane it’s important to analyze your scenario. Be sure you have the right application for you sheet vinyl project. Does it have industries top rated UVA, UVB protections? Can it shrink and expand without failure? How are the seams put together? What can I cover when it comes to sheet vinyl?

Make sure to speak with a venting, roofing and waterproofing professional before covering your space. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Usually there’s a reason why something costs more.

Below is a picture of a product (TUFDEK) that was put to the accelerated weather testing against a quality vinyl (DURADEK).

picAs you see all vinyl is not the same. PLEASE!! WHEN CHOOSING AN EXTERIOR SHEET VINYL, LOOK FOR THE DURADEK SIGN, FOR YOUR SEAL IN QUALITY. This is not a game, it’s your living space, let Windeck safe guard your house.  DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT!!!