A Deck Worthy of Envy

This particular home will have you singing, “I’m living La (Salle) Vida Loca.” It’s in La Salle, Manitoba, in the Rural Municipality of Macdonald, and although on paper it sounds small, its residents are living large.

Steps away from La Salle River, and just a short drive from Kingswood Golf and Country Club, 61 Medinah Drive is a high-end luxury house, crowned with a deck. With amazing features like a triple garage, gas fireplace, and island kitchen, your home will naturally become a gathering-place, and of course people will pour out onto the deck as the party goes on. In between bites of barbecue and sips of champagne, guests are guaranteed to pause for delighted comments about the deck.

  • Location:
    La Salle, Manitoba

Outdoor living spaces and decks not only add value to your home – they enhance the experience of being at home and expand leisure space for your family!

Warm, neutral colours are the perfect backdrop

The deck is wrapped in Wolf’s inviting silver teak colour, bordered by Wolf black walnut. The skirting and pergola is also black walnut. The deck also features granite countertops and 10-millimetre clear-tempered glass.

Bright lights ensure all eyes are on this deck

The party can continue throughout the night because the deck is adorned with in-lite lighting, Windeck’s go-to lighting source. No need to go to the actual lights—all outdoor lighting can be controlled via an app. Manitoba weather is unpredictable, which is why Windeck uses in-lite for its long-lasting power and resistance to the elements. In-lite LEDs are also environmentally friendly and power-efficient. All in-lite products achieve the highest colour rendering index (CRI). And the better the colour rendering from the light source, the better the outdoor living space looks.

Keep your friends close,  but your amenities closer

Keep warm with a Kingswood gas fireplace, built into the custom stone wall. To accent the fireplace, Windeck installed herringbone side privacy panels. And we put the elements of fire and water together—there is a one-person hot tub on the upper deck.

Out of the spotlight

We’ve nicknamed the pergola “Sombrero” because it does such a great job of providing shade, protecting you from the sun, and offering privacy. It’s in maintenance-free aluminum and has built-in lighting.

Other technical details for the deck include:

  • pressure-treated two-inch-by-12-inch wood framings
  • waterproof joist guard on all structures
  • six-inch piles concrete pad for Jacuzzi swim spa
  • galvanized post tech screw piles on the rest of the deck
  • swim spa
  • Wolf PVC decking on deck topping
  • Wolf PVC skirting on closing in the bottom side of the deck
  • two custom lower bar tops
  • one custom granite finished cooking station with napoleon inserts
  • custom-designed privacy panels with aluminum slatting and decking boards to tie in with deck

For a deck with that wow factor, contact Windeck at info@windeck.ca or call 204-231-2741. A high-end, luxury deck can be in your future.

Materials Used

  1. Pressure-treated 2”x12” wood framings,
  2. Waterproof joist guard on all structure,
  3. 66" structural piled pad for jacuzzi swim spa,
  4. Galvanized post tech screw piles,
  5. Swim spa,
  6. Wolf PVC Decking on deck topping,
  7. Wolf PVC skirting on closing in bottom side of deck, 1/2" X 12" Fascia board to close in the bottom side of the deck
  8. 2 custom lower bar tops,
  9. 1 custom granite finished cooking station with napoleon inserts,
  10. In-lite led outdoor lighting in entire deck area,
  11. All outdoor lighting is controlled via Bluetooth smart app,
  12. Kingswood gas fireplace, built into a custom stone wall,
  13. Herring bone design side privacy panels (to really accent the fireplace),
  14. Aluminum maintenance-free pergola (nicknamed the Sombrero… also has lighting built into pergola as per pics),
  15. Custom designed privacy panels with aluminum slatting and decking boards to tie in with the deck,
  16. Spa berry one-person hot tub on the upper deck,
  17. 10mm topless glass railings throughout.
Decking Colors Main: WOLF SILVER TEAK Decking border: WOLF BLACK WALNUT Skirting: BLACK WALNUT Pergola: BLACK WALNUT Privacy: Black Aluminum SLATTING with WOLF BLACK WALNUT Napoleon: Stainless Steel Glass: 10mm Clear tempered Countertop: GRANITE Piles: POST TECH Outdoor Lighting: In-lite Waterproof Tape: G-tape