Windeck Ltd.

River Ridge Retirement

Balcony railing at an assisted-living apartment complex

Sometimes when you’re the best at something (for us, that’s building sexy decks), you can get pigeonholed, type-cast. When we tell customers we’re more than Winnipeg’s top deck builder, they are shocked. But we’re more than just Winnipeg’s top deck-builder. We’re also top-notch fabricators and installers of commercial aluminum railing systems.

Anytime you’re working outside, there are challenges abound. Construction materials need to be tough, durable, and most importantly safe. Our S.T.A.R. Systems aluminum railing is strong and secure. It’s low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and versatile with many installation options. Critically, though, we need to attach railings to safe, reliable anchors, and sometimes that safety imperative demands that we get creative.


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Connecting aluminum railing to concrete balconies and pillars

We were thrilled to be a part of the project at River Ridge Retirement Residence, one of Winnipeg’s leading assisted-living apartment complexes. They understood the value for their residents of getting outside and having access to nature. Their location is second to none—set on a quiet parcel of land near amenities, and featuring panoramic views of the Red River. We were delighted to bring views of the river to these residents!

Each balcony is built from a metal pan, with a thinner layer of concrete on top. While we can attach our aluminum deck railing to surfaces in a variety of ways, drilling and mounting onto this structure wasn’t feasible.

Our skills, and our team’s diverse backgrounds help us think outside the box. Our prowess was on full display with this solution! Using chemically-engineered anchors attached and set into epoxy, we were able to connect our railing system securely to that thin layer of concrete. Once the anchors were in place, the rest of the work was just another day at the office!

Safety can be stylish, too

Every project we approach, we know we can take care of the technical aspects. That allows us to focus more on the design and style of a project. Our design-build teams have a fantastic eye for matching colors, textures, and materials to create a sensory experience in your backyard. Some projects are less demanding, but we still push creative boundaries when we get the chance. During the deck railing selection, we proposed a clean, powder-coated railing in white, to bring out the other accents on the building. The picket railing takes its inspiration from the green roof’s early 1900s-vintage look. The outcome was an exterior that was transformed, yet didn’t detract from the peaks and archways but instead complemented them.