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Choosing a deck contractor for your deck building project


Would you hire an employee without talking to the applicants last Employer? Why should a contractor be any different? After all this is your home and money on the line.


Does the contractor have liability insurance? Does the Contractor even have a registered company? If not you have just been a victim of “MR. WEEKEND WARRIOR”, Also known as “MR. FLY BY NIGHT”.


If the contractor subs all his work out more than likely he has new crews every 6 months to a year. Not hiring a deck contractor with an employer – employee relationship often leaves for a less than perfect finish product. Windeck’s employees are full-time, dedicated to their craft, and here for the long term. In exchange, we invest in are men knowing they won’t be working somewhere else next week.


Written sales proposals should have every single detail listed and accounted for in the contract. Once the details and price are agreed on, proposals should be signed by both parties. The clearer the contract the better. Contracts are a must to have both parties expectations meet without ever having to play the he said, she said game.

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