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Infrared Outdoor Heaters: The Best Way to Extend Your Deck Season

Our deck season in the Great White North can be quite short, as winter weather can seem to last forever in the spring and sneak up on us quickly after summer. One sure way to extend the use of your outdoor space is with efficient outdoor heating solutions. Infratech infrared heaters are the superior way to bring warmth to your deck when the temperatures start to dip. Using infrared or radiant energy, Infratech’s electric heaters warm the person, not the air, making it the most efficient way to heat areas like patios and decks, or any outdoor area where heated air is not easily contained.

They are available in various models and sizes. Infratech heaters can be ordered in many color options, so you can design your outdoor living space along with your specific needs. When these heaters are in function, their element produces a comforting orange glow. Infratech heaters offer a nice and pleasing ambiance, in a silent way and with no unpleasant odor.

Ask our team today about installing Infratech heaters and get more use out of your deck this season!

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